Krrish 3 Movie Cast, Story, and Reviews

“Krrish 3 Movie” made by Rakesh Roshan, is a Bollywood heavenly film that profits with the tale of the scandalous individual Krrish, depicted by Hrithik Roshan. Conveyed in 2013, the film is the third piece in the Krrish series and mixes portions of sci-fi with Indian old stories to make a novel and stimulating reasonable experience. We should jump into the universe of “Krrish 3.”


  • Hrithik Roshan as Krishna Mehra / Krrish: A young man with superhuman abilities who becomes the superhero Krrish.
  • Vivek Oberoi as Kaal: The main antagonist, a brilliant scientist with a physical deformity who creates an army of mutants.
  • Priyanka Chopra as Priya Mehra: Krrish’s wife and a supportive partner in his superhero endeavors.
  • Kangana Ranaut as Kaya: A mutant created by Kaal who develops feelings for Krrish.
  • Shaurya Chauhan as Priya Mehra: Krrish’s wife and a supportive partner in his superhero endeavors.
  • Arif Zakaria as Dr. Varun Shetty: A scientist who helps Krrish in his mission to defeat Kaal.


“Krrish 3 Movie” continues with the story of Krrish, who presently continues with a tranquil presence with his soul mate Priya. Regardless, their joy is subverted when a disgusting virtuoso named Kaal creates a contamination that can change individuals into super-controlled monstrosities. Right when Priya is spoiled with the disease, Krrish ought to use his powers to save her and stop Kaal’s canny plans. In transit, Krrish finds new accomplices and countenances extensive hardships as he battles Kaal and his large number of oddities.


“Krrish 3 Movie” got mixed reviews from intellectuals, with praise for its upgraded representations, action groupings, and Hrithik Roshan’s show. The film’s blend of Indian legends with godlike parts was moreover esteemed for its uniqueness. Regardless, a couple of intellectuals felt that the film’s plot was tangled and required clarity, inciting a somewhat separated survey understanding.


“Krrish 3 Movie” is a visual presentation that combines the energy of a legend film with the rich fables of India. While it probably won’t have gained reliable fundamental appreciation, its innovative method for managing describing and staggering embellishments make it a must-search for devotees of Bollywood film and legend encounters.

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